Become a LocalBuddy


You want make extra money?
Get to know foreign students?
Without fees & hidden cost?

Do You want make extra money?
Get to know foreign students?
Without fees & hidden cost?

Become a LocalBuddy


Do You have a spare room, a spare bed or even a guest house ?

Your guest student will sleep and live at your place, this way you can safe on rent or make a side hustle while literally sleeping. You can make your own prices for a night and the best thing we ain’t take a single dime!


Practise speaking & writing with the students - get paid by hour

You will practise with your student and help him improve his language skill. We assist You with material and working sheets. Based on your skill and education, you can charge between different ranges. And also here we dont take anything from you


Your LangLuker (foreign student), will share interests and is around your age

You can choose your LangLuker and filter them based on your interest, country, language level, age and many more. You will also have the opportunity to talk to your student first and have vide call so both sides get to know each other.

Your Own Schedule

We understand that you may be studying or have a job. Therefore, we don’t expect you to always have time and only be able or willing to teach a limited number of hours.

Therefore, create your own schedule with the lessons you want, thanks to our algorithm, the student can also get lessons from other locals.

Get more than just money

Besides the extra income, you also have the opportunity to get to know new cultures and interesting personalities. And through the close contact can develop beautiful friendships.

Sounds too awesome to be true, right?

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You wont receive any spam mails and we dont sell your data is just to hit you up with further information!